Why start yet another Affiliate Marketing Resource Portal?

I’ve always felt that a different approach needed to be taken to explain the inner works of affiliate marketing.
For some unknown reason, it has taken me many years to gather the courage to do this.
Over 12 years to be exact. But as ‘they’ say it’s never too late.
So, I’ve studied, researched, kept notes, reviewed and tested many of the ideas compiled and presented here.

I felt the need to publish this content conveniently under one roof so that everyone interested in realistically earning a living online can benefit. 

You’ll learn how to start your own website, how to create content, how to optimize web pages, best sales techniques, digital marketing strategies, how to locate profitable quality affiliate programs, how to research for lucrative niches, email list building and much more.

If properly used, this information may lead to the generation of large sums of money over the years.

It is important to recognize that many of the ideas and methods presented have been around for many years and to this date still work superbly. So in my opinion it’s best to not re-invent the wheel if something works. I’m only presenting it in a way that I believe is more coherent and meaningful.

With the rapid advancement of technology (web & mobile programming, Gigabit connectivity, innovative hardware development, advanced analytics, cloud computing, SaaS, Machine Learning, AI etc.), novel and more complex systems and approaches are been developed and are emerging at breakneck speeds.

Knowing how to properly couple and decode these methods in a meaningful and effective way is key for our online success as affiliate marketers.

The data presented here is primarily found online, in videos, books, podcasts, white papers, online courses, other successful affiliate marketers, and at times through discussions with friends, entrepreneurs and customers.

Only through your support, comments and feedback we’ll be able to build a solid online community and assist one another.

I certainly hope you enjoy your journey,

The NetPanorama Team